Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nerd Nest Challenges CT

I am so happy to announce that I am now on the Nerd Nest Challenges creative team! You will be seeing me on the Nerd Nest blog once a month sharing my take on the monthly challenges. I am so excited! 

I just love how Megan worded this about the memory keeping community and can't agree more! 

"Memory keeping is a powerful way to tell the stories of our everyday lives. In addition to all of the benefits to having your stories documented for yourself, sharing those stories with others helps to create a strong global community--one where we inspire and motivate each other. We are more empathetic and supportive of fellow documenters because we can better appreciate others' differences and see others' similarities through what we see of the lives of different memory keepers. Seeing multiple perspectives makes us better people."

Happy day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

End of year thoughts 2015

This year has held so many different things. The biggest must have been selling my house. It was an easy decision (well, kind of), but held so many hard things in the process. I am a person with my heart on my sleeve and am an overtinker. To sell the house I´ve lived in for so long and where my daughter grew up was sad, but so good. Good because that had to happen for me to completly move on from my old life. It involved paperwork, hard phonecalls and long meetings with my bank. It also involved sorting and purging for months. While in the midst of it all it felt like it would never end. But it did and we could move to our new plave we love so much! We worked together and it felt so good to have my love´s support!

The year also held the decision to postpone our wedding. The stress and costs for the house sale took so much energy from us, so we knew we couldn´t plan a wedding ontop of that. We haven´t set a new date, although we thought it might be a year later. We´ve decided to let it be for a while. We still have and love eachother and that is all that matter.

2015 also included my daughter graduating from Jr high and started High School in the city, an excitig time indeed. I am so proud of her!

It also included the fun and excitement of starting a new garden! It is smaller and much more easily to tend to.

We welcomed a new niece to our family! If you know me, you know that I love to be an aunt :)

Creativly I had a good year too. I started a new fun project with the Pocket Letter project. I still enjoy making happy mail for friends! If yoou´d like, you can follow my Pocket Letter Pinterest board! 

I have finished a few bigger crochet projects but my favorite must be my blanket. I hope to have another blanket in progress soon!

There you have it. Just like any other year ups and downs. I´m excited to see what 2016 has in store!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December mini | 2015 01

Two years ago, when my fiancĂ© and me celebrated our first December together, I started a December minibook. It´s a 6x8 binder from Simple Stories with pocket pages. I decided that I´ll have three years worth of December memories in this mini. So this year marks the last one being documented in this book. I am not doing anything daily (as in the December Daily project that Ali Edwards do) and since I do Project Life every week this album is all about our December traditions and sometimes I do have double recordings, but for me it is all ok. What I have felt special about working in my December mini is that I go all in with glitter, cheesy wordings etc. It´s fun! 
Here is my first post showing a few pages in the mini. 

Picture 1 of What makes Christmas? by lisafisa

This is the first spread I added in this years edition. It´s one I made for the December gallery at WCS.  It talks about my favorites, the things that makes Christmas for me. You can read more about this here.

Picture 1 of Holiday nails by lisafisa

As this page shows, all different things that has something to do with the holidays go into this book! 

Picture 1 of Holiday baking by lisafisa

Baking is a big part of our December. I don´t do see through pockets very often since I don´t know what to do on the other side, but this time I solved that "problem" by using another chipboard sticker in the same size on both sides. 

Picture 1 of New  by lisafisa

I like to include the new ornaments/decorations we buy each year. This is also a fun place to use the numbers that come in kits during these months, even if you don´t do the daily thing.

Picture 1 of Lights by lisafisa

I am thrilled to be able to add longer journaling by doing double pages! 

I usually use these 12 2" pocket pages for dividers or just to add a few sequins etc. But then I saw someone share this idea to add letters to spell out a wording and knew I wanted to try it! 
The right side is a big photo with a sheet of transperency where I have added letter stickers. One of my new favorite things to do!

Thanks for stopping by! I´ll share more of this mini soon!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Around here

Around here the halls are decked and since we put up the tree last week it really does feel like Christmas. With the very mild weather we have had it feels like September!

Around here we have sent out almost all our Holiday mail. I have send out handmade Holiday cards for as long as I can remember. Since I love to get something else than bills in my mailbox I guess other people do too! And what if the cards a little bit late, they are still a nice suprise!

Around here we are all tired, With two people with anxiety issues and one with fatigue, this time of year is especially difficult. And with the dark days that we have here up north it´s so hard waking up early in the morning. We look forward to the Christmas break and 2 weeks off.

Around here we still have a few gifts to buy. We have been rather good at buying them all autumn to spread the costs a bit. We have been able to find some fun things for the ones on our list!

Around here the cats have been spending more and more time inside with the hard wind we have had lately. And once again I have decided that if I am ever re-born, I want to be a house cat!

Around here I am wrapping up my 4th year of documenting our everyday lifes with the pocket style scrapbooking. That is so cool! I am doing it all again in 2016 and by now it´s all automatic really.

Around here we celebrated Christmas a little bit early with my dad and daughter since she is spending Christmas at her dad´s this year. I love our traditions!

I´ll be back tomorrow with a look at my December minibook for this year!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Calling Russia and Ukraine!


So, over the year I have seen that my audience in Russia and Ukraine extended a lot. I find that super fun and interesting since I don't really know anyone there. If you are popping in from there, please take the time to say hi in the comments! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

WCS | Scrapping with sketches 02


Here is the second sketch. When I first started to prepare for this week, I thought I´d maybe make a few sketches myself. But then I stumbled over the Big Picture class Start with a sketch and Jen Chapin share so many fun sketches. I just picked two of my favorites! Note: This is not the sketch from the class! I have done one based on the sketch.

Here is my layout! I used patterned paper cut in strips for the photo mat. This is a great way to use up scraps of your favorite papers. Another option is to use washi tape for the strips or to even paint with watercolors. See, the possibilities are endless! I used a photo I took of a scene at my youngest nieces babtism. It is one of my very favorite photos because it shows just how many people love her! I could have used a color photo, but thought it poped a little bit more with a black and white one. 

I hope that this gives you inspiration to play!

Friday, December 4, 2015

WCS | December gallery

This layout is one of the first ones that will go in my annual December album. This is the third year that is going to be documented in the album. I´ll start a new one next year.
On the layout I have listed the things that make Christmas for me. 

The tree. Maybe my all time favorite. I love all the traditions that surrounds it, when we put it up and listen to Christmas music.

Santa mugs. If I don´t feel the Holiday spirit before, I am sure to feel it after taking a hot drink in one of my Santa mugs!

Making gingerbread. I love the tradition we have with Emma and the girls even now when they are all growing up.

Wrapping gifts. I love to sit down, listen to Christmas music  and wrap the presents. 

It's fun to start the December album again!

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