Sunday, December 20, 2015

Around here

Around here the halls are decked and since we put up the tree last week it really does feel like Christmas. With the very mild weather we have had it feels like September!

Around here we have sent out almost all our Holiday mail. I have send out handmade Holiday cards for as long as I can remember. Since I love to get something else than bills in my mailbox I guess other people do too! And what if the cards a little bit late, they are still a nice suprise!

Around here we are all tired, With two people with anxiety issues and one with fatigue, this time of year is especially difficult. And with the dark days that we have here up north it´s so hard waking up early in the morning. We look forward to the Christmas break and 2 weeks off.

Around here we still have a few gifts to buy. We have been rather good at buying them all autumn to spread the costs a bit. We have been able to find some fun things for the ones on our list!

Around here the cats have been spending more and more time inside with the hard wind we have had lately. And once again I have decided that if I am ever re-born, I want to be a house cat!

Around here I am wrapping up my 4th year of documenting our everyday lifes with the pocket style scrapbooking. That is so cool! I am doing it all again in 2016 and by now it´s all automatic really.

Around here we celebrated Christmas a little bit early with my dad and daughter since she is spending Christmas at her dad´s this year. I love our traditions!

I´ll be back tomorrow with a look at my December minibook for this year!

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