Memory keeping | Winter sunshine

Living here in Sweden, even if it is in the south of the country, means that winter is cold. Not always icy/snowy cold, but indeed cold. We have months of dark days and even more dark nights and sunshine is rare. And since sunshine is my drug I get a little mad if I don´t see the sun for a while. One would think I´d move to southern Europe by now, but perhaps since it is so rare, I experience sunshine with even more emotion.

Ok, so last week we had the most perfect winter day; really cold, snow on the ground and sunshine. This was also our first date anniversary :) Three years ago we went on our first date and the rest is history...

Obviously this all needed a scrapbook page! I printed 4 photos from our 10 minute date (did I mention it was COLD!) down at the beach on one 4x6" card and just added my journaling with my typewriter. Done. I love when I have a longer story and I love it when a page come together easy!


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