Sunday, January 17, 2016

My top 3 favorite coloring books for adults

Today I thought I´d share 3 of my favorite coloring books for adults. The coloring craze must have boomed last year don´t you think? I guess with people more stressed than ever sitting down for a little while just coloring helps many. I know it does wonders for this anxious person! I love to sit and color whenever I feel scattered and anxious. Even if it is just for 10 minutes it helps me re-focus and take a few breaths, because you have to concentrate on the coloring and not the million things your mind goes through.

I use my water color pens sometimes and when I do I often use my water brush to add effects. I paint with my pens first and then simply brush over with my waterbrush to smudge. This gives it a simple effect of different shades.

But lately I have just used a few of my black markers for all my coloring. I use a fine tip and a maybe a 0.3 tip also.

I love how the black gives so much effect!

Here I have listed my top 3 favorite coloring books for you. I have included links to where you might find them online.

The creative colouring book for grown-ups (swedish link) (english link)

The mindfulness coloring book (swedish link) (english link)

Secret Paris: Color Your Way to Calm (swedish link) (english link)

So, do you color? Please share!

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