Monday, February 1, 2016

OLW 2016 | January prompts

As today is February 1st and a new prompt has been presented to us in the OLW classroom, I want to share my finished pages for January´s prompt. 

So for the first prompt Ali wanted us to write a little about our chosen word, definitions and reasons why. I opted to use my own definition of my word alive: to not only live, but be alive, to have more energy, taking chances, experience things, saying yes, being excited and find the positive. 
I had a few quotes lined up for my word and I will use them through the year, but Ali shared a quote in her first video that just jumped out at me so I used that one for this month. 

"I want to die living, and I want to be remembered as one who lived with purpose, joy and feeling.
I want to spend my time learning what goes into a whole and happy life and then building that life the best I can."
- Steve Goodier

We also wrote about what we want to invite into our lives this year and what to let go of. 

Invite: my mind to shift and to see the positive, adventure in the smallest form and trying food that give me more energy.

Let go of: overthinking and assuming the worst, the negetive spiral of negative thinking, just living, exsisting.

We also shared intentions for the year ahead. Ali inspired us to divide these into different categories: physical, emotional and relaltionships for example. Here is what I wrote:

Physical: walk more, sit less. Dress happy.

Emotional: try to shift my mind when I feel like I´m tired and don´t want to do something, maybe by going outside, bake or make a call can give me energy.

Relationships: laugh more, suggest adventures in the everyday, try new things. Really be present. Be more with friends, even just for a quick fika.

In addition to this I also made a quick layout after we went sledding the other weekend. It was the perfect example of when I feel alive! I plan to have this layout right in my OLW album. 

I loved how my word was present in January and I am looking forward to see how this month goes.


A word to focus on, to live with, to investigate, to write about, to craft with, and to reflect upon as I goes about my daily life.

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