Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pocket letters and flip books

As you now I have been doing Pocket Letters for a while now. I still love both making them and recieving them! In the last month I have also discovered flip books which is sort of a little booklet you make and fill with lovely stickers, washi and die cuts. And you send them as happy mail, just like Pocket Letters. There are a few people on youtube that are masters of flip books and I am so inspired by their projects! Here are two of my favorites: Filizlovespaper and Paper Sweetpea 

Here is a look at my first flip book. I used two 4x6" Project Life cards as my based and taped them together forming a booklet.

I then added some pockets from cutted down cards and transperency to hold a few goodies. 

The flip in flip book I guess comes from adding more and more tags and pages so that you can flip through them. It is easily done just adding smaller PL cards with some washi tape. 

Then you embellish the booklet with die cuts, stamps etc. It is so much fun! I find, as I also did with Pocket Letters, that I like having a theme to work from. Since this one I have done one with a bokk theme and also a plant theme. 

I hope to have more to show you soon!

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