Friday, April 29, 2016

Live inspired - if I were a guest

I love listening to Tracie Claiborne´s podcast called Live Inspired where she interviews different memory keepers and talk about how they live an inspired life. It is always interesting to hear how other creative people think about different things. Now, I know I will probably not be on that podcast ;) but a few of the questions she asks got me thinking about how I would answer them. So, I thought I´d share a few of my answers. 

How many design teams are you on right now? I am a team member at Write Click Scrapbook and I share one layout to the monthly gallery and host about one blogging week a month. I contribute to the swedish Project Life blog and scrapbook blog a few times a month. Once a month I write a blog post for The Nerd Nest as a challenege team member. And finally I am on Kellie stamps design team and I share a few (3-5) projects monthly with her stamps. 

Why do you want to be on design teams? For me it is because of the challenge to do different projects. For a while I felt a bit stuck design wise and the added positive stress that design team assignments give is so good for me. I am a person that actually likes deadlines! It also makes accountable to other people which is a good thing for me too. 

How do you keep up with team requirements? First I wouldn't apply or say yes to a team if I didn't like their product and/or idea, so that helps. I plan out what I'm going to make/write ahead of time. I often make a list of ideas and some get made, some not. 
And I scrapbook either way, so it´s not hard for me to make assignments work so that they fit my stories.

Where do find inspiration? Everywhere! I mean it. I find inspiration browsing Pinterest, going through my Instagram feed, flipping through a magazine and being in nature. Color, design, good photography are all things that catches my eye.

How do you store inspiration? Pinterest! I use Pinterest a lot! My notebook is almost always with me and it holds all my creative ideas, sketches and lists. 

How do you live inspired? I think creative all the time! I get inspired by all sorts of things I see everyday and often catch myself thinking out ways to incorporate designs or patterns I see into my paper projetcs. 
With my trained eye I also see details that perhaps not everybody sees; like light for photos or street art that is almost hidden. 

The end.

Haha I see now that my episode wouldn´t be that long! But it is so much fun to actually break stuff down like this from time to time. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Nerd Nest challenge | April: grow

Documenting your Garden with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge

I could have easily gone in so many directions with this month’s challenge, but I chose the one that takes up the most space in my heart. For a few years I have been heavily in to gardening. Last May I sold my house what had a rather big garden and we moved to another house that has a much smaller garden area. I liked the challenge to downsize and to grow only what we most wanted. I have a flowerbed along the house full of roses, lavender and peonies and a few rose bushes.
But I really like to grow vegetables. So when our garden season starts in February, we start to plan out what we are going to plant that year. Mostly we stay with what we did the year before; peas, carrots, salad, spinach, beets and radishes. We also have a bed for strawberries. This year we are adding potatoes!

Documenting your Garden with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 2

I document the garden all the time since I feel it has such a big part in our lives. I may share a little much in Instagram during the summer with harvest photos, but they make me so happy! Mostly I add photos and stories to the weekly Project Life spreads I do, but from now and then I make layouts on the topic also.

Documenting your Garden with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 3

Here is one example where I document the happy day of seed planting!

Documenting your Garden with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 4

It´s so much fun to look back in my albums and see how those seeds then become plants that will grow us yummy food!

Documenting your Garden with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 5

I love growing things, I really do. I feel rich when I can just walk out my back door and pick my dinner!
In this last layout I made my own cards using the Letterglow and Rhonna Farrer app on my phone. I´ve asked Megan to share them with you as a free download! If you download the cards and make something with them, please let me know, I would love to see it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kellie stamps | April projects 02

I´m back today with the second batch of projects I have made with the April kits from Kellie stamps. If you want to see the firs post, just click here

I love how this layout turned out! I love lists and making a list of happy things is just the best! I used a digital stamp for the word "happy" and printed it on my background paper. Then I added watercolor and done! 

Go make one too!

As usual I have used a ton of the stamps on my PL spreads. I have both used them as digital stamps directly and added in already printed versions. It is so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 15, 2016

WCS | Document your sweets

When Dee told us her topic (document your sweets) for this week of challenges on the Write Click Scrapbook blog, I just had to make a page! I will have a sweet tooth forever! 

I decided to go with a photo of the spoon full of Nutella that is heaven :) The journaling does say that a spoon full of Nutella every day makes a girl happy, but it might go a few days between! I used my watercolors to make a simple background for this page. I love how happy this page looks! 

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Memory keeping | SWE sketch

I shared a fun layout I did with a sketch at SWE scrabook yesterday. I loved how many ways you could use the sketch. I went with a simple layered layout. 

Picture 1 of Fun times by lisafisa

During our stay with my sister´s family over Easter I got a chance to go with my nieces to where they are taking riding lessons. Both girls love the horses, even though one of them is a bit hesitant. Living so far away we can´t see eachother every day, it´s so much fun to be able to go with them so they can show me what they love! 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Currently | April

watching: "30 grader i februari" and "Modern Family"

reading: "Furiously happy"  and "HAndlaren från Omsk"

making: layouts for different design team assignments

loving: the warmer temps that we have had now

feeling: caught up!

pinning: art journal ideas

writing: lists of different kinds

looking forward to: this weekend when we work in the garden

thinking: about how the days are long, but the years are short

wanting: to start planning for a party

need: to stop thinking so much about what other people think

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kellie stamps DT | April projects 01

It´s the 5th and today is release day at Kellie stamps! This month Kellie has released the digital version of 2 older clear stamp sets Coffee and Rad. As usual I have had a blast making projects with both kits!
On the layout above (I know, I will stop with the Snapchat photos soon!) I added the "good stuff" stamp before printing my photo. Also the "hello awesomeness" was added to the background paper before printing it and the journaling. This is my go to way to start my layouts lately.

We have had this little frame in the kitchen for years with another coffee related print in it. I thought it was time for an update! Isn´t the sentiment the best!

For this card I worked on my iPhone. The background card had the stitched border already so I just printed my design on it. I usually save the digital stamps to my dropbox account so that I have access to them both at home and on my phone. I then opened a white canvas in the Letterglow app and added the "you rock" which is part of the Rad kit. Then I had an old free digital kit that had that lovely paint splatter so I added that on the canvas too. The "hello" is one of the sentiment stamps in the Letterglow app. Saved it and printed as if it was a regular photo on my printer. I love that I can do this! 

As I said, I had a blast making these and I´ll be back later this month with even more projects! 

Monday, April 4, 2016

WCS | Scraplifting

The other day I was clicking around the interwebs reading blogs on Bloglovin   and came across a blogpost by Peppermint of One little bird designs She was doing a roundup of projects from her creative team and one layout really stood out to me.  

This one by Kelsey is an awesome design, right!  I love how she broke up the background slightly off center and I really like that she went with a black and white round photo. When I saw it, I knew right away I wanted to scraplift it. When it was my time tohost the WCS blog I chose the theme reading/books and lifted the layout for that. 


In fact, I did 2 layouts for this, but when I was finished with the first one I thought it was too monochromatic, so I did a new one using another patterned paper. What do you think? The right one was the one I shared in the WCS blogpost, but I could have gone either way, really. 

Sahin Designs CT | July projects

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