Friday, April 29, 2016

Live inspired - if I were a guest

I love listening to Tracie Claiborne´s podcast called Live Inspired where she interviews different memory keepers and talk about how they live an inspired life. It is always interesting to hear how other creative people think about different things. Now, I know I will probably not be on that podcast ;) but a few of the questions she asks got me thinking about how I would answer them. So, I thought I´d share a few of my answers. 

How many design teams are you on right now? I am a team member at Write Click Scrapbook and I share one layout to the monthly gallery and host about one blogging week a month. I contribute to the swedish Project Life blog and scrapbook blog a few times a month. Once a month I write a blog post for The Nerd Nest as a challenege team member. And finally I am on Kellie stamps design team and I share a few (3-5) projects monthly with her stamps. 

Why do you want to be on design teams? For me it is because of the challenge to do different projects. For a while I felt a bit stuck design wise and the added positive stress that design team assignments give is so good for me. I am a person that actually likes deadlines! It also makes accountable to other people which is a good thing for me too. 

How do you keep up with team requirements? First I wouldn't apply or say yes to a team if I didn't like their product and/or idea, so that helps. I plan out what I'm going to make/write ahead of time. I often make a list of ideas and some get made, some not. 
And I scrapbook either way, so it´s not hard for me to make assignments work so that they fit my stories.

Where do find inspiration? Everywhere! I mean it. I find inspiration browsing Pinterest, going through my Instagram feed, flipping through a magazine and being in nature. Color, design, good photography are all things that catches my eye.

How do you store inspiration? Pinterest! I use Pinterest a lot! My notebook is almost always with me and it holds all my creative ideas, sketches and lists. 

How do you live inspired? I think creative all the time! I get inspired by all sorts of things I see everyday and often catch myself thinking out ways to incorporate designs or patterns I see into my paper projetcs. 
With my trained eye I also see details that perhaps not everybody sees; like light for photos or street art that is almost hidden. 

The end.

Haha I see now that my episode wouldn´t be that long! But it is so much fun to actually break stuff down like this from time to time. 

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