Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kellie Stamps DT + WCS Maximize your stamps

This week I am hosting the WCS blog and I am dedicating it to showing you many, many ways to use the latest stamp set from Kellie Stamps!  I will share a few of those posts here on my blog aswell. 

Today I am sharing a few ways you can use the stamp set Eat more cake fromKellie stamps to make cards, layouts and party decor for birthdays. Let´s go!
These first projects are made by myself. I´ve made a wrapping paper by using a WORD document, setting the paper to horizontal and then adding in the two digital stamps happy and birthday as you can see. For a little bit more interest I chose to make the middle row a bit bigger and use a bright pink. You can easily change the color of the stamps in a digital editing program such as Photoshop. I have used the free website for that. 
I also used Picmonkey for the card shown here. I started out with a 4x6" canvas and added the stamps at the top there several times and changing the color/opacity level on a few to create the faded stamp effect. The cake stamp is an older one from Kellie stamps that is not longer available, but you could add any birthday related stamp or embellishment really. 

Here are two fun cards made by the owner her self, Kellie. Here is what she says:


Over the other weekend Diane was sharing her watercolour cards she'd made.  It got a lot of us inspired to start creating and so I grabbed out my forgotten watercolour paint set and tried a few things that weren't working. But then I remembered watching a youtube clip  from Amy Tan,here.  After that is all just came together and I love it. 
File 21-08-2016, 12 51 55 PM
Tracey made this cool card! 
My intention was to make it look like a lightbox.  It took way longer than I thought (silhouette dramas) but I am really happy with how it turned out.  I have made the messages on acetate that can be removed to give it more of an authentic look.
File 21-08-2016, 12 51 03 PM
Diane is the one who made all the fabulous brush script in this stamp set! 
I created this layout to celebrate my 35th birthday and there is no better way to make a layout special than with a WHOLE LOT of stamping in my favourite colour: rainbow! I threw some stitching in there as well and I have a very special layout for my special day!
My fellow swedish DT member Magdalena made this fun and different birthday layout.
My daughter turned seven in August so this stamp set for perfect to use for my traditional birthday interview project. I also wrote a bit about her day.
Kellie Stamps August Release 4
Cecily made two fun party pieces! 
To create these coordinating birthday pieces, simply grab some digital stamps and create your sentiment, then attach them to coordinating cardstock or card base and you're ready to roll. I chose the traditional 'Happy Birthday' but there are loads of things you could say!
Kellie Stamps August Release 1
Make sure the two words are fully attached to each other for easy trimming and then accentuate the black and white words with a pop of color–or confetti like I've done with this card!
Tara made this cute pocket page spread. 
I made my own journal cards using the Letterglow app, changing the colors for boys/girls. I am going to be doing an IG giveaway for a pdf of the journal cards.

Isn´t this just a fantastic use of just one stamp set?!
Ok, so we have birthdays down, tune in tomorrow to see some home decor projects!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Nerd Nest | Daily challenge unit

As you might know I am a creative team member over at The Nerd Nest this year for the montly challenges. I have been very inspired by the themes so far! Megan, of The Nerd Nest, also teach a year long online class called Pocket Your Year which is a pocket scrapbooking class with monthly units/prompts. On August 15th she kicked of an entire month of daily challenges for the class and as CT members we could contribute to a challenge of two. I chose one that went live this past Monday which was about making a pocket spread about a hobby. 

As you also might know, I have perhaps too many hobbies ;) But I chose to make this spread about a fairly new one, knitting. I learned to knit just a year or so ago and it has been so much fun to try things out. I am far, very far, from a great knitter but I feel more confident now and know how to correct errors and to experiment a bit. And as I always have to have a project in my hands while TV watching at night, knitting has been a great company to my usual crochet. 
You can see that I used a blue tone to the spread and took that out of the photos my love snapped of me and my recent projects. I tried to balance the darker right side with a more white spaced left side in the spread.

Thanks for popping in!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WCS | 3 tips to a fast scrapbooking page

Write Click Scrapbook has the second annual Scrapolympics this week and I think it is one of my favorites. We basically offer a bunch of different fun challenges all week! Here is a layout I did for the Sprint.


I am a fast scrapper so for me this wasn't a big challenge. But I wanted to show you a few tips on how a page can come together in 30 minutes or under. 

1. First, I usually have my title and story when I start a page. Often I print the title from my computer first as I did on this page. 

2.I also mostly have my design figured out fairly quickly and for this I often use an old design from myself. We all have layouts that we really love and I re-use the same design all the time. 

3.Another tip for a quick page is to keep to one color scheme, then it all goes together without much effort! As you can see I have done some embellishment on this page, so it doesn't have to be bare just because it's fast.

I hope that this helps and inspires you! And don´t forget to check in on the WCS blog all week!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kellie Stamps DT | July the second batch

Happy Monday! Here are my second batch of projects I´ve made with the July releases from Kellie stamps. 

I love to use the digital stamps right on my photos, so that is what I did here. When I do this and I want it to like the title of the page or when the stamps is this big, I usually lower the opacity of the stamp so it´s not so harsh looking. This stamp is from the Great Outdoors kit.

Oh, I love this page! For this one I printed the tent icon from the Great Outdoors kit and flip them over so that the icon is like upside down. Then I took some of my embroidery thread and stitched each icon for my background. Such a fun way to change things up a little. 

Here is just a close up of the stitching. From this angle you can see it´s a tent icon :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crafts | Necklaces

Hi! I´m Lisa and I am a craftoholic. Yes, I can´t stop making stuff. Stuff I might not even use... Well, I guess it´s a better addiction than drugs, right? Lately I have done a lot of necklace crafting. I thought I´d share a few here.

We live on an island (if you didn´t know) and I spend a lot of time on the beach finding pebbles and driftwood. Above you can see two of the pieces I have made with a few finds. 

Here I played with some yarn and made short crochet cords as my base of the necklace. I really like these!

This summer I made my first crochet covered stones. And after making a few of them I made two into necklaces. 
The other one is actually from a kit that came with a few of those holders and I used a bit of a patterned paper to fit under the plastic bubble. 

Now what do I do with all these?! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Memory keeping | Cili in Papers August challenge (2 versions)

One of my favorite scrapbooking stores Cili in Papers has a great blog. They host challenges and fun inspiration. Today I want to share the layout I made with their Pinterest inspiration challenge for the month of August. Isn´t the inspiration image (above) just lovely?! The colors is so inspiring to me and I love the floral accents. 

So, since I was inspired by those 2 things I first went with that. But when I saw the layout on the screen it was so obvious that the bright pink wasn´t going with the vintage florals. 

I looked through my scrap basket and found a strip of this more toned down red paper. I simple ripped the grey/journaling off and used the red paper instead. It turned out a little bit wonky, but I like it much more.

Since I was so inspired by the grey and pink combo, I am sure I´ll make another page with that too :) 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Memory keeping | Multiple photos

Today I am going to share two multiple photo layouts. I am mostly a one photo scrapper, but sometimes it´s fun to use more on one page. If I do use more photos, they are more often than not a smaller collage. It´s a fun way to save several photos without them taking over.

When I create collages I often try to follow a timeline in the photos if there is one. For exmple the above photos show the process of when my niece was supposed to smash her first birthday cake. As you can see it didn´t go exactly as planned ;)

Other times when I use more than one photo, I just arrange them in a way that they fit. Our cats have totally taken over this new armchair we thrifted a while ago! Life with cats in a nutshell!

I have a Canon Pixma ip7250 which I print all my photos on. I love it! It came with a printing program and in it I can choose many print sizes. Typically when I use multiple photos on one layout, I don´t go over a 4x6" photo card in size. That way it doesn´t feel oversized on the page. 

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Kellie Stamps DT | July first batch

Welcome to the first batch of projects I created with the July edition of Kellie stamps! This month Kellie had 2 new sets, Outdoorsy and My therapy. I have used the My therapy set in these two projetcs. 

I have totally documented my addiction to Netflix before, but this time I have done a layout featuring my favorites. Big difference, right ;) And I swear I don´t choose shows depending on how color coded they are together, haha!

My therapy, or one of them!, is to sit in the garden reading on a cool summer night eating snap peas. This recharge me so much!

I´ll share the second batch very soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Nerd Nest DT | June

The Nerd Nest challenge for June was to take portraits with items. What does your stuff say about you? What does a family member’s things show about their personalities? 

I love this challenge! I always take photos of our stuff and using those in memory keeping projects about our lives right now. These things change so quickly, from there being toys and messy counters to clothes in piles on the floor is just a blink of an eye in a child’s life. And we change as adults too of course. Perhaps you are in collage in a dorm with a few things reminding you of home or newly married in your first real home.

I have a few examples of how I played with the challenge. First, I asked myself what is my stuff right now. Could I capture that in one photo? This was at night and I had just been outside watering all my plants on the patio and the garden beds, so I took this photo (above) of me standing with all the plants at my feet. This photo tells the story about how I love gardening and tending to my garden. Especially at night after a warm day walking around weeding and making sure they all have wet soil. These are “my stuff” right now.

Then I thought of my soon to be 17 year old daughter and took out the big camera and shot a few photos of her room after she had went to school. These photos are so typical for who she is right now; messy and thinking that fashion and make up is the most important things next to music and her friends. Just like it should be.

I think that I can make few more layouts with this theme. How about you?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Guest designing | One Little Bird June guest designer

In June I had the fantastic honor of being a guest designer for One Little Bird designs. If you don´t know, the OLB is owned by Peppermint Granberg and she has the best digital designs! I have used her designs to make tons of hybrid projetcs before, so I knew I wouldn´t have any problems creating something cool with her June release.

The June release that I worked with on this layout is called Chapters. I did also sneak in a journaling card from the Elysian kit in there. I chose to tell the story about how I loved to read the Sweet Valley High books when I was younger. I read them all I thing :) The colors were so soft and lovely in this kit, even though there are a few bright red and blue in there too. 

I also used a few different kits (Character Study elements, Elysian elements and Artisan elements) to make a second page. I especially love that the Character Study kit had that digital mask so I could shape my photos! 

I had a blast working with the OLB products! I hope you´ll check out the shop!

Monday, August 1, 2016

I´m back!

Woah! I took a break from blogging, guys. It was both intentional and also totally not. Early in June I fell badly with my bike and mainly hit my knee. I´ve been home since then with crutches and physical therapy. So, my time was spend crafting and scrapbooking, but I didn´t really have the energy to do the blogging part. I am much better now and in 2 week´s I´ll be back working! 
All that time means I do have quite a few new things to share! In the week´s that follow I´ll try to have some fun posts up about everything from gardening to crochet, Pocket Letters to DIY necklaces. Stay tuned!

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