Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Nerd Nest DT | June

The Nerd Nest challenge for June was to take portraits with items. What does your stuff say about you? What does a family member’s things show about their personalities? 

I love this challenge! I always take photos of our stuff and using those in memory keeping projects about our lives right now. These things change so quickly, from there being toys and messy counters to clothes in piles on the floor is just a blink of an eye in a child’s life. And we change as adults too of course. Perhaps you are in collage in a dorm with a few things reminding you of home or newly married in your first real home.

I have a few examples of how I played with the challenge. First, I asked myself what is my stuff right now. Could I capture that in one photo? This was at night and I had just been outside watering all my plants on the patio and the garden beds, so I took this photo (above) of me standing with all the plants at my feet. This photo tells the story about how I love gardening and tending to my garden. Especially at night after a warm day walking around weeding and making sure they all have wet soil. These are “my stuff” right now.

Then I thought of my soon to be 17 year old daughter and took out the big camera and shot a few photos of her room after she had went to school. These photos are so typical for who she is right now; messy and thinking that fashion and make up is the most important things next to music and her friends. Just like it should be.

I think that I can make few more layouts with this theme. How about you?

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