Thursday, December 15, 2016

BPC | My very first own class

Picture 1 of Pocket Prompts | 22 at Big Picture Classes

I am so happy to announce that my very first own class at Big Picture Classes goes live this coming Monday! It is a topic very near to my heart; Pocket Prompts. It´s part of a series where every month a new scrapbooker shares 5 photo prompts and 5 journaling prompts for your pocket pages. I am also sharing a in depth view of my process putting together my weekly spreads. 

Picture 4 of Pocket Prompts | 22 at Big Picture Classes

I would be so very happy to see you in class! Check it out on Monday! And also, did you know that BPC has a 2 week free trial? Well, they do and there are so many great classes there. 

If you end up taking the class, please let me know :)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Lisa! This is so exciting and I'm looking forward to watching your class. I love Big Picture, it's my favorite place to learn.


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