Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OLW 2017 | January

I thought a lot about what word I should use as guidence in 2017. Often the word finds me somewhere in mid November, but it was later this time. I choose connect for it´s many synonyms.


  • combine
  • link
  • get into
  • join
  • marry
  • relate
  • unite
  • incorporate
  • focus

In the classroom Ali Edward´s has a sheet we fill out and one of the questions were: What do you fear most in 2017? I put, that I miss what is going on around me by not being focused and consumed with social media for example. I do love browsing Instagram the most and I don´t feel that it takes away all that much time from anything else, but I do want to be a little more aware of when I am mindlessly scrolling. 
One thing I am looking forward to is to read again. I listen to many audio books, but I want to get into the habit of setting away time to read every day. 

My intention is to be more focused, try to do one thing at the time, being present, connect with friends, read every day, walk more, connect with what brings me joy. 

Last year I worked in a 6x8" pocket album and this year I am doing a 6x4" mini album much like the one I did for the Details 2 class. I loved doing that size and thought the OLW project would be another perfect time to do it again. Here are the first few pages.

I was going to re-print this photo, but then I kinda like it ;)

I need to add a few actions, things I am focusing on in January. When the month is over I´d like to write reflections of it. I´ll see if I´ll keep that up every month. 

Are you doing the One Little Word project? 

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