Thursday, September 28, 2017

Project Life 2017 | Week 12-15

Week 12: This week felt so springish! We spend a lot of time outside just enjoying the warmer temps. I usually don´t use anything else but a black ink pen for my journaling, but this week I tried to match my green theme ;)

Week 13: Stories included in this week´s spread are my husband´s new PS4 that we bought while we were in the cite, some happy mail that I got during the week, our wedding shoes arrived, I planted some flowers, my daughter send me a fun photo of her, I brought home some happy flowers from work, we had a great Friday night, spend the weekend in the city.

 Week 14: We spend some time clearing out the wedding venue and a small crisis about the seating ;) I tried out some mask stamping to make that weekend card, that was fun!

Week 15: I love to color coordinate my spreads, have you noticed? ;)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Studio Forty CT | Cards

Hi Studio Forty fans! I am going to show you 4 cards that I made with a few of the stamps today. Let´s go!

First I cut 4 pieces of watercolor paper to the size I wanted to use for these. Then I painted them super simple with hearts and an ombré version. Anyone can do this, you just use more color on the bottom of the card and then thin it out with more water as you paint upwards. For the hearts (that you will see further down in this post) you just use a thin brush and paint fat V´s :) 
When the watercolor was entirely dry (actually I waited over night) I went on to either stamp directly on the paper or I stamped on a seperate piece of watercolor paper to make a die cut peiece. 

Here is the first one. This was one of the cards where I stamped directly onto the paper. I used one of my favorite stamp sets called Make today amazing for this. 

Another cute stamp set is the Donut worry set and I knew I wanted to use it for one of the cards. For this I stamped the donut shapes on a seperate paper and just cut it out with my sissors to make a little die cut. 

For cards I really like to use my 3D glue dots to add dimension to the design.

Here you can see one of the pieces I made with the hearts. I used a soft coral color to make it not stand out so much. I wanted the stamps to be the lead figure. Ah, the Good company set is just to die for! I have used it so many times! 

I love how it turned out! I also added the little hello stamp from the Summertime set. 

And here is the last card. We had our 20th Pride parade here in Sweden this past week and I guess my watercolor hearts were inspired by the pride flag :) This background is a bit louder, so I made a clean and simple die cut for it.

Here they are all together! As you can see, I have mounted the watercolor cards on folded kraft cards. I really love how they all turned out! It is so fun to have a set of cards that you just can send out for fun!

Have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Project Life 2017 | Getting back to posting - week 9-11

I am still working on my Project Life spreads every week and am up to speed. But I have been lousy about sharing them here on the blog. I love to spend time on Instagram and that is where I share most of everything really, but lately I have been feeling an itch to share more here again. So in the next weeks I will share a few spreads every week, just to catch up. I hope that it will not bore you too much!

I left off posting at week 8, so here are week 9 - 11 from back in March! 

Week 9 was the first week of March and you can see a bit of spring popping up in my spreads!

Week 10: Just a typical week for us in the spring time; snow in the beginning of the week and warm temperatures and sitting outside on the weekend ;)

Week 11: As you can see I do use a mix of cards and products on my spreads. That is all normal for me. But here are a few products that I am using regularly this year:

Bildresultat för trading cards sleeves ultra pro

Pockets: If you have followed my Project Life story for the past 5 years you know that my style and size of pockets has changed over the years. For about a year and half now I use trading card pocket sheets. They have nine pockets slightly smaller than 3x4". Since most cards come in a 3x4" or 4x6" it does mean I do quite a lot of extra cutting, but I don´t mind that.

2017 Neat Week Number Cards • Digital • Journaling Card Printable. Perfect for Project Life

Weekly Cards: I am using the weekly cards from Nina. I also have used these other ones from her that i loved. They are digital downloads for a very good price!

Cards: Since I don´t subscribe to any kits at the moment I have bought a few digital kits that I am printing out. I have done that for years and since I have a good printer at home (Canon Pixma 4750) it works out good for me. One of the kits I have bought is the Project 52 Fresh Edition journaling cards from Becky Higgins. I have also bought a few kits from Paislee Press, like the High Five kit and from One little bird designs, like the This Year kit.  I often buy the elements kit from these designers and then I make my own cards over at PicMonkey
Also I have been going through older digital kits on my computer and in my stash and have been using them also.

Other products I use is a really good black pen, double sided tape and washi tape. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Memory keeping | Tiny labels Studio Forty CT

Hi and welcome! Today I am going to show you how I made these tiny tags from a stamp that wasn´t intended for that!

When I first got this set of stamps I saw that fun thermos stamp. And I saw that it could be used to make tags or even labels! I love to use stamps to make other stuff too!

Aren´t they cute?

I punched holes at the top as you can see in the above photo. Then I reached for a supply that I used a ton a few years ago, but have been using again lately; eyelets. Do you have them? Did you use them in the beginning of the 2000s? I really like how they can make a tag look more finished somehow. You can totally go without them ofcourse, but I like the look right now.

Here they are! I think they turned out super cute!

I went searching in my stash of stamps for little words and ended up using these three sets that you can see above: Happy memoriesSummertime and Make today amazing.

Here is one of the tags when I had tied a piece of thread through the eyelet. I see myself making many more of these! 

For my layout, I then stamped my title using the Happy memories set and the Make today amazing set. I love how I used so many stamp sets for this one layout! Thank you Studio Forty for awesome stamps!

Here is a quick look at my finished layout! 

I hope that this inspired you today!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Memory keeping | Citrus Twist Kits sketch w. 31

Hello! Here is another layout in my travelers notebook album that I made with a sketch from Citrus Twist. It is one of those sketches that I would have used when I made A4 layouts too.

But it worked great in this format too! I really loved using up some scrap paper and letters for this. Stash busting is always good!

Thanks for stopping by!

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