Thursday, September 28, 2017

Project Life 2017 | Week 12-15

Week 12: This week felt so springish! We spend a lot of time outside just enjoying the warmer temps. I usually don´t use anything else but a black ink pen for my journaling, but this week I tried to match my green theme ;)

Week 13: Stories included in this week´s spread are my husband´s new PS4 that we bought while we were in the cite, some happy mail that I got during the week, our wedding shoes arrived, I planted some flowers, my daughter send me a fun photo of her, I brought home some happy flowers from work, we had a great Friday night, spend the weekend in the city.

 Week 14: We spend some time clearing out the wedding venue and a small crisis about the seating ;) I tried out some mask stamping to make that weekend card, that was fun!

Week 15: I love to color coordinate my spreads, have you noticed? ;)

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