Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Project Life 2018 | Week 5-7

In an effort to get my finished spreads on here before the year ends (as I didn´t do last year) I am sharing a few Project Life spreads every few weeks. 

Week 5: This was a typical spring/winter week. The beginning of the week felt all springish and then later we got so much snow! and as it would turn out, that snow and much more would stay well into march. Full pocket photos makes me happy!

Week 6: I´m happy that I got so much words down on this spread. I really love to look back on those weeks, but journaling is my akilles heel. 

Week 7: This week started out great and then I got the flu (read plague!) and was so sick for over a week! Lots of cat photos because they were all I saw for a few days :)

Here is a little note on my Project Life:

I am doing weekly spreads and am on my 7th year of this project. For a few years now I have used baseball/soccer/icehockey card pockets. I bought mine at a bulk store, but before that I bought them at my local toy store (BR). These pockets are a bit smaller than the usual 3x4" so I have to trim everything down. I really love this format and it works great for me. 

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Project Life 2018 | Week 1-4

Hello, hello! I will begin to share my spreads from my 7th year doing weekly Project Life spreads today. I am up to date actually working on my week 10 10 minutes ago, but I´ll share just a few per post. 

Week 1: This week we still were on Holiday break and it was just divine to putter around at home just doing what we love. I used a few stamps on these pages; That´s a wrap and the big Saturday are both old ones from Kellie Stamps. The Nap time one is from Feed your craft and lastly that Right now stamp came in a Studio Calico kit last year. I also used a few of the cards from the Firewood & frost collection from Sahin Designs. One of my favorite things right now is to use Instagram stories to edit my photos to add dates, temps and other fun stuff.

Week 2: Ugh, the blue hue of everything in wintertime :( Well, this is as good of a photo I could get right then. This week I recorded a few of the things we have been watching and reading. When I do this I often just google the movie or series and use one of the official images. When I want to record what I am reading I usually take a photo of the book while I am reading it, but when I am listening to the book as an audio book, as I usually do, I´ll take a googled images and print that too.

Week 3: I didn´t have that many photos from this week, so I turned to the good old journaling ;) And I used one of my very favorite kits; the Midnight edition. It was the first kit I ever bought and it might have been in like 2014! A classic!

Week 4: I love to use square photos without a background card to create a more transperent look. If you scroll back to week 3 you can see that I used a square photo on that opposite side. Sometimes I use an embellishment or quote card on the other side. I don´t plan the next week´s spread out, I just make it work with what I did the week before :)

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